Baby Koach Academy

Newborn and Infant Care Certification

Development of Skills to become a Newborn and Infant Care Specialist. Learn infant safety and care, bathing and feeding, basic infant sleep training, reflux and colic prevention, assisting mother in breastfeeding, cord and circumcision care, understanding and preventing SIDS, infant CPR and choking basics, and record keeping.

Koach Nanny Advanced Childcare Classes:

KOACH Nannies are held to a higher standard. Being a KOACH Nanny signifies that you are knowledgeable and well-trained to maintain the Baby Koach’s Sleep Training Program set for the newborn in which will soon be in your care. You will learn the step-by-step building blocks of childcare development and each stage is crucial. Here you will learn proper food preparation and cooking specific for children. You will also learn the important role of caring for the newborn’s older sibling and how they take part in the newborn’s development.

Main subjects you will learn:

  • Learn to maintain Baby Koach Sleep Training Program
  • Building blocks of childcare development
  • Food preparation and cooking for children
  • Caring for newborn’s older sibling & their role in the newborn’s development

Organic Cooking for Mothers and Children

This classes is designed for mothers or nannies to learn healthy and organic preparation and cooking.