Baby Sleep Training Consultation

Sleep training

Baby Koach also known as Sleep Trainers are a step up from just your average baby nurses. Our specialists’ follow BABY KOACH’s specific program in order for your newborn to have a set sleeping, feeding and play time schedule. This guarantees your baby to sleep nine (9) to twelve (12) hours straight each night. They usually work 12-hour or 24-hour shifts. Although their main priority and responsibility is towards the newborn, they make sure they train the mothers as well. Our Baby Koaches train the mothers in every aspect of newborn care including but not limited to: breastfeeding, alternate feeding methods, sleep training, nutrition, lactation consultation and more. Our Koaches see to it that the mothers are fully equipped even after the baby has been trained.

What is a KOACH NANNY?

A KOACH Nanny is a trained professional childcare specialist. KOACH Nannies are trained to follow the Baby Koach Sleep Trainer’s Program before they move on to another family. KOACH Nannies see to it that the newborn’s sleep, feeding and play time schedule stays on track. KOACH Nannies are trained in handling not only the newborn but the older sibling as well. A KOACH Nanny will have a substantial amount of childcare experience and will sometimes hold a degree related to childhood education, such as Early Childhood Development amongst other degrees. This ensures that the KOACH Nanny understands how each aspect of the child’s growth affects their development. A KOACH Nanny is well trained in basic nutrition such as cooking and food prep for the child. The KOACH Nanny can work a variety of schedules such as a 7 day live in, or 5 day live out or weekends depending on the need. KOACH Nannies will be accustomed to heavy travel and long hours. Most KOACH Nannies will speak a second language and be able to teach children this language.


Baby Koach Classes:

Learn the KOACH Sleep Training Program and get hands-on experience from sleep training, proper feeding, the building blocks of newborn development and much more. In this class you will also learn how to assist and train the mothers anywhere from breastfeeding, methods of lactation, sleep training and more. KOACH guarantees you are well trained in every aspect in order for you to be successful in training both the newborn and the mother.

Main subjects you will learn:

  • Baby Koach Sleep Training Program
  • Assist mothers in breastfeeding
  • Different methods for lactation
  • Train mothers to sleep train
  • Proper nutrition for mothers


KOACH Nanny Classes:

KOACH Nannies are held to a higher standard. Being a KOACH Nanny signifies that you are well educated and well-trained to maintain the Baby Koach’s Sleep Training Program set for the newborn in which will soon be in your care. You will learn the step-by-step building blocks of childcare development and each stage is crucial. Here you will learn proper cooking and food prep specific for children. You will also learn the important role of caring for the newborn’s older sibling and how they take part in the newborn’s development.

Main subjects you will learn:


  • Learn to maintain Baby Koach Sleep Training Program
  • Building blocks of childcare development
  • Proper cooking and food prep for children
  • Caring for newborn’s older sibling & their role in the newborn’s development
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