You may recognize the name moringa as it is often found in powdered form and is touted as a superfood. Moringa is a nutrient-dense tree that is native to India and the Philippines. Gram for gram, moringa leaves contain:

25x the iron found in spinach

15x the potassium of bananas

17x the calcium of milk

10x the vitamin C of carrots

9x the protein of yogurt

7x the vitamin C of oranges(6)

Its bright green leaves traditionally have been harvested and prepared in a soup for Filipino nursing mothers to enhance their milk production. Studies have shown that moringa can act as a galactagogue, a natural substance to support lactation, for postpartum mothers, and even mothers of preterm babies.(4) Another study conducted in the Philippines found that breastfeeding mothers who consumed moringa daily saw significant increases in both their breast milk volume and infant weight gain.(5) Motherlove is helping to bring these same benefits to breastfeeding women around the world thanks to our vegan liquid capsules.


Oats are whole grains. They’re nutritious, and they provide a variety of health benefits. Oats are also one of the most popular foods that breastfeeding moms eat to make more breast milk and support lactation.1

Oats and oat products are a great addition to a healthy breastfeeding diet because they have many positive effects on nursing mothers.

Benefits of Oats for Breastfeeding

Oats are full of nutrition. Oats contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. They are high in iron, zinc, manganese, and calcium. They are an excellent source of soluble fiber. Plus, they contain B vitamins to help increase energy, elevate mood and fight off exhaustion, anxiety, stress, and depression.2

Oats contain saponins. Saponins are a substance that may have a positive effect on the hormones related to breast milk production.3

There are plant estrogens in oats. Foods that contain plant estrogens are associated with the stimulation of the milk glands and greater production of breast milk.4

Beta-glucan is found in oats. Beta-glucan is a type of fiber that’s thought to raise the levels of the breastfeeding hormone prolactin. Higher prolactin levels can have a positive effect on breast milk production.5

Brewer’s yeast:

Brewer’s yeast for milk supply is very popular and termed as ‘Super Food’ due to its highly digestible protein level, minerals, vitamin B, key amino acids and chromium which supports healthy milk supply for breastfeeding mothers. Brewer’s Yeast to increase milk supply is taken regularly by many mothers as it also has an amazing power of increasing the energy levels and elevating mood.


Flax seed – Flax seeds have estrogenic properties that can help nursing moms make more milk. Whole flaxseeds work better than the ground powder kind, and flaxseed oil provide healthy fats that are a healthy component of breast milk to promote a child’s brain development.

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